We will emerge into a different world in a few weeks and, for the first time in a long time, we’ve been offered a lifeline in the battle against climate change.

Due to vastly reduced travel and factories and workplaces temporarily shutting down, the air across the country – and the world – is clearing. People are seeing views previously obscured, wildlife is beginning to thrive where before it wasn’t and light pollution has dropped in city centres.

It’s quite inspiring to see but, like the lockdown causing it, the changes will be temporary unless we change too.

It’s often overwhelming to look at articles about climate change and what needs to happen to mitigate the damage it can cause so let’s focus on just one thing. It isn’t something everyone can do but those who can should look into it. Given this is filed under Motoring, you probably won’t like to hear it but now is the time to seriously consider purchasing an electric vehicle.