If you’re considering jumping to electric power, but don’t want to go the new car route (although you can check out “Lowest to highest: every new EV you can buy in NZ in 2020” by clicking here), there are a few things you should consider first.

A quick glance at Trade Me reveals that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the best option for those on a budget is a first-generation Nissan Leaf. It’s common to find early models for less than $10k. However, these models usually have well-used batteries, which is expressed in ‘state of health’ (SoH) or, in the Leaf’s case, bars.

According to Flip the Fleet, SoH is an estimation of how much charge the battery can hold compared to when it was first manufactured. A brand new car will then have 100 per cent SoH. It relates to how far you can drive between charges, with a lower SoH resulting in less range. Bars are a visual representation of SoH, seen on the dash. More is better, with a max of twelve.