This is something we’ve been wondering on the rooftop terrace of CleanTechnica world headquarters in Asgard, Florida — with all the fresh air from not driving, and the beautiful pics of places like Los Angeles sans smog, will people consider clean electric cars more than they have?

It’s logical. People like clear blue skies. They can finally see a compare and contrast. There’s also research showing that air pollution is linked to more severe COVID-19 cases and death (not to mention heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, dementia, psychosis, diabetes, brain tumors, learning challenges, childhood death, mental fog, renal failure/kidney disease, fetal development problems, lower sperm quality, more bone loss and bone fracture risk, etc., etc.). People also know — or should know — that electric cars don’t have tailpipes because they don’t emit anything, just like your computer doesn’t emit cancerous smoke and your phone isn’t spewing out CO2.

Nonetheless, there might be some other things on people’s minds right now, many of us are sort of going crazy from being locked in our homes so much, and there’s not a whole lot of opportunity to notice and reflect on clear skies when you’re busy defeating Netflix and Disney+.

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