After January’s record performance, the French plug-in electric vehicle market continued on fire in February, seeing 13,317 registrations last month. Fully electric vehicles (BEVs) shot up 228% year over year (YoY), to 9,452 units, while plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) were up by nearly the percentage (208%), taking the fast lane into 2020.

With both powertrains shining, BEVs saw their lead (71% vs. 29% share) reduced by 2 percentage points in February.

Looking at market share, the February result for all plug-in vehicle (PEVs), 8% share, dragged the 2020 PEV share just under the two-digit mark (9.3%), but still, this is well above the 2.8% of 2019. Looking at BEVs alone, they now have an amazing 6.8% share. Sure, it helps that the overall market is down by 13% this year, but this only confirms the rule that, when a given plug-in market hits two-digit EV share, the overall market starts to suffer….

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