Just days after Dyson, Britain’s high-profile vacuum-cleaner maker, cancelled its $2.7 billion project to make a big, expensive electric car, Uniti of Sweden, announced Monday that it will launch its compact, relatively affordable, futuristic-looking city car next year, priced at 18,600 pounds ($23,500).

When Dyson announced it would enter the electric car market, given the company’s expertise with small, compact products, it seemed likely it would make a small, lightweight, short-range runabout. An evolution of the golf-cart seemed most likely.

Unlike Dyson, that is the route being pursued by Uniti of Lund, with its little 3-seater designed in this town just north of Malmo in southern Sweden, although the range claimed would make it more than just a runabout. The Uniti was developed and engineered in Norfolk, England, and some cars will be made in Britain.


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