Chinese electric startup Kandi announces that its small K27 electric car has been approved for California roads and it is going to cost only $7,999 in the state after incentives

Several Chinese automakers are currently looking to expand outside of China, and that’s especially true of electric vehicle makers.

Even foreign automakers, like Volvo and BMW, are now producing electric vehicles in China and exporting them globally. The Chinese-made Polestar 2 is due later this year. BMW is also looking at bringing Chinese made EVs to the US.

But when it comes to Chinese electric automakers, Kandi is leading the way in the US.


Earlier this year, the automaker released details of the first two cars to hit the market: the Kandi K27 and K23 models.

Both vehicles are four-door compact cars with the K23 being slightly bigger than the Kandi K27. They respectively started at $29,999 and $20,499 before incentives.

They quickly realized that it was too expensive for the US market and changed the price to $27,499 and $17,499 respectively. Though they said that those prices are “for the launch” and should go up later, but the timeline is unclear.

After the federal tax credit, it would bring the price down to $20,000 and $10,000.

Now Kandi announces today that it received its certification by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the K27 and it will be eligible for the state’s extra $2,000 incentive for electric vehicles.