Electric delivery vehicles are getting even better with new advances by companies like Bosch and Tropos Motors


Delivery vehicles and other utility vehicles are some of the best candidates for EVs. With frequent stops, starts and idling as well as the need for powerful low-end torque, these work horses can reap many of the most important performance benefits of electric vehicle drivetrains.

Apparently the industry agrees, with Bosch and Tropos Motors both announcing new EV products today.Electric delivery vans have already been making significant progress, with Nissan’s eNZ200 electric van breaking towing records  and Mercedes Benz announcing last year that they will be adding electric drive to all of their commercial vans.


The online shopping powerhouse Amazon was even impressed enough with Mercedes’s new eVito van that the company ordered a fleet of the electric vans last month.

With big players producing more commercial electric vans and even bigger players buying them, more companies are getting into the action.

Bosch just announced a set of new electric powertrains developed specifically for electric vans and is eyeing the delivery vehicle market……  more


SOURCE  electrek.co