SOURCE:  Jerry Perez,


In many parts of America and elsewhere around the world, public perception of electric vehicles like the 2019 Nissan Leaf has gone from dumb to cool in less than a decade. Sure, Tesla and its sleek Model S, Model X, and Model 3 have had much to do with that—but the truth is, electric cars are now appealing to a wider demographics than ever, including ones that can’t spend luxury-car prices on a fashionable EV.

One side effect of that, however, is more and more folks are being exposed to the drawbacks of owning a purely battery-powered automobile, like the potential cost and the scary-sounding “range anxiety.” These issues are being addressed, as both automakers and battery suppliers develop newer, more efficient ways of mass-producing batteries and EVs—but range, charging infrastructure, and other such concerns can still play a major role in dissuading potential buyers.

So to see how those compromises play out in the real world, I decided to give the #EVlife a test by borrowing a Nissan Leaf for 10 days in Los Angeles.


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