One of the technical problems holding back the replacement of gasoline-powered cars with internal combustion engines by battery-run electric cars is the complex issue of charging.
Drivers of regular, gasoline-powered cars are accustomed to refueling in a matter of minutes and then driving hundreds of kilometers without stopping for a refill. In the case of most electric vehicles, however, you need to charge the vehicle overnight and can then drive for just a couple of hours.
While this might be sufficient for commuters traveling short distances daily, it is unsustainable for the heavy mileage racked up by taxis and commercial vehicles.
Ill-fated Better Place’s battery-swapping stations attempted to provide the answer, but the under-capitalized Israeli company filed for bankruptcy in 2013.
Another technical solution available on the market – fast charging – requires powerful chargers which can be prohibitively energy-guzzling for existing electricity distribution infrastructure, and prevent installation in convenient inner-city locations needed by customers.
Lod-based Chakratec, however, has developed a local storage solution for electric vehicle charging based on kinetic storage technology, enabling the installation of fast chargers in the distribution grid, and offering charging availability whenever and wherever needed.


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