In my recent trip to Indianapolis I spied something very interesting. Here’s what they say about themselves:



The times. They are a-Changin’ and so are our means of transportation. BlueIndy balances simplicity, convenience, savings, and environmental friendliness, taking the very best of today’s ideas.

The many benefits of the service can be summarized in three words: convenient, affordable and electric.

A quick subscription process on site or online, your choice of pick-up and drop-off locations, and rates that are designed to fit your level of use all make BlueIndy a simple solution.

The service also eliminates all the time that is wasted searching for a car or a disappearing parking space; provides on-board navigation and customized menus to help you get around; offers technical assistance at any time; brings a broad range of features for your ease of use and safety; and offers up to 200 stations around town, making it extremely convenient.

BlueIndy: simplicity meets efficiency.



As they say, a car is a money pit — except with BlueIndy, a service that’s easy for transportation and easy on the wallet as well.
No need to buy a car, pay for gas, or take out insurance. And say goodbye to parking fees. With BlueIndy, your money goes further.


As one of the first 100% electric car sharing services in the world, BlueIndy offers a timely and environmentally-friendly approach to cars.

Enjoy a silent drive that produces no odor or direct CO2 emissions: It produces neither particulates nor exhaust. Get around freely without pollution: That’s the BlueIndy revolution.