Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology provides power from electric vehicles (EVs) to the grid in response to peak load demands. Depending on the demand an EV could charge or discharge power; therefore, EVs can be seen as moving storage devices.

V2G technology is evolving steadily, and developments are taking place at many levels; especially on the power electronic side of the design where power-efficient components are paramount for a successful V2G implementation. A V2G system (Figure 1) includes power converters which are vital to the system, because the interconnection between the grid and the batteries of EVs require not only bidirectional AC-DC (or DC-AC) converters, but also bidirectional DC-DC converters where step-down and step-up conversions are needed. There are already products in the market capable of providing bidirectional DC-DC conversions and they can be used in V2G applications  more