Recently retired, I decided to import a 30kw Nissan Leaf to evaluate the vehicle as a possible replacement for the 2008 Mercedes Benz C200 we happened to be using as our family drive car.  As it turned out, the week our Nissan Leaf arrived at Auckland Port from Japan the Mercedes Benz had a steering lock malfunction that could only be repaired at a certified Benz Dealership. Anyone who knows anything about how the motor industry works in New Zealand will understand there is always a price to pay when visiting a “Euro Dealership” of any kind, and this was very true in our case. The repair was undertaken, the work guaranteed, and two and a half thousand dollars later we were back on the road. In the flash of an eye I decided to put the Mercedes Benz on the market; it sold very quickly it was in such nice condition.

The Nissan Leaf that I had imported from Japan went through the New Zealand Compliance system without a hitch; it was almost as new having done little more that 8,000kms since new.  I am currently in the process of evaluating this vehicle and to date I must say I am impressed with the experience thus far. I will give a more in depth report further down the track.

The most gratifying aspect for me is that since selling the Benz and moving into the 2016 Nissan Leaf I have not visited a petrol station. I am saving hundreds of dollars a month driving the Leaf; that in itself is a huge bonus.

Being a retired motor vehicle dealer I have many contacts in Japan from where I can source genuine vehicles of high quality. I am happy to help anyone out there wanting to save money by importing their own vehicle. I know how to guide you through the process, get in touch should you want to give it a go.

John Porteous