Electric Car Jack – 12V

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Punctures when driving your car can happen any time, often when least expected, and always an inconvenient experience. This electric/hydraulic car jack will make your task a lot easier when on the side of the road trying to get your jack under the vehicle so you can lift the car and change the flat tyre.

Safety first, take all precautions needed to make sure your car doesn’t move once it has been lifted, ie: place a chock in the appropriate place as required, etc.

Place this jack under the jacking point of your car nearest the wheel you need to remove, plug into the 12 volt power outlet of your car, push the lift button on the jack to effortlessly lift the vehicle to remove the wheel with the punctured tyre.


Portable 5 Ton Electric Hydraulic Car Jack.

1. Works with 12 volt vehicle power outlet, 5 Ton(11023lb) jack capacity.

2. Once appropriately placed under the vehicle, lift the car in less than a minute.

3. The design of the jack is succinct and easy to operate with compact and organized storage box.

4. Jack, pump and LED Flashlight can meet multiple demands.

5. Machine will stop working when it lifts beyond the height limit.


Capacity (Load):1-10T
Max Height: 450mm(14.2″)
Min Height:135mm(5.3″)
Rated power:150W
Operating Voltage:DC12V Max.current:13A
Max.Loading Car Weight:5T
Lifting range:135-450mm(5.3″-14.2″)
Power Cable:3.5m(137.8″)
Jack size:31*15*14.5cm(12.2″*5.9″*5.7″)
Jack weight: 7kg
Plastic box size:L36*W22*H18cm(14.2″*8.7″*7.1″)
For Electric Inflator Pump: Air Flow: 9.2 gal/min (35 L/min)
Max Pressure: 10 BAR/150 PSI
Hose Length: 25.6 in. (0.65m)
Current: 10A

How To Use

1.Please put a block or a product before the tire to avoid the car movement.
2.Start the engine and insert the plug of electric car jack into the car lighter jack.
3.Connect the power lines of lifting jack and cigar lighter
4.The saddle of the electric car jack should be placed against the right bottom of the car .
5. Selecting the right key to the operate of ascending or descending.
6.inserting the cigar lighter ,and connecting the air valve of tyre.
7. Selecting the right key to inflate